Flexible Scope Repairs

Flexible Endoscopes

VMS technicians are highly trained in diagnosing and repairing these issues. We work quickly and effectively to ensure that your scope is returned in full working condition in just a matter of days.

Over time, you may experience a number of issues with flexible endoscopes. Common problems include:

Estimation Process

Once the scope arrives, they go through inspection to find all defects. You will then be contacted with an estimate that will then provide a list of corrective actions. Our repair technicians are trained and ready to explain the repairs needed in whatever detail is required in order to keep our customers confident while their scopes are being worked on.

Repair Process

Once the estimation is approved and a PO is provided, a technician will begin the detailed repair process using only the highest quality parts available. Before the scope is returned to you, the scope will go through a thorough inspection to ensure the scope is fully fixed and functional.

Work Without Interruption

At VMS, we do not want our customers work to be interrupted. In order to keep our customers work flow continuous, we offer loaner scopes while your scope is in repair at VMS. Our inventory includes a modern collection of scopes ensuring that we can find a similar model to the scope being repaired to keep you up and running.

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