Cosmetic Equipment Repair California


VMS provides 1st class Cosmetic Equipment/Device Repair California

Ventura Medtech Solutions offers a wide range of services for Cosmetic Equipment Repair or Cosmetic Device Repair in California. The cost of maintaining your cosmetic laser can be expensive. Buying recertification and service contracts are also very costly. We address your issues in a timely manner and determine the best course of action through a free evolution of your issue.

Having scheduled maintenance service check ups can help you maintain your laser and ensure performing at its optimal levels. VMS provides scheduled preventative maintenance for your cosmetic laser. Our support for cosmetic laser repair extends both nationally and internationally. Let us help you save money and avoid future expenses through regular scheduled maintenance.

Call us today at 747.266.8434 for a FREE ESTIMATE. Our certified technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose many of the common issues associated with Cosmetic Device software failures and hardware breakdowns over the phone. We carry hundreds of OEM parts and can offer repair equipment within 3 days, minimizing the impact to your business. Many repair companies need to order parts, increasing turn times drastically.

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