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Biomedical Repair Technician CA

Biomedical Repair Technician CA - If you are seeking for Biomedical repair technician for your medical, clinical and dental equipment then look no further. At Ventura Medtech Solutions it is our goal to provide the best service with a goal of solving your issues in one visit. In some cases where issues cannot be resolved then we will provide you with a written estimate so that you can make intelligent decision and choice for your equipment. Always keep in...

Importance of Audiometer Calibration

Audiometers are widely used and popular to ENT private practitioners, medical groups. Those that use them to diagnose hearing for your parents should always keep in mind that OSHA requires annual calibration of your Audiometers per ANSI standard S3.39 The importance of getting it calibrated cannot be overemphasized as those facilities that do not comply can be fined and penalized. Did you know that Ventura Medtech Solutions offer calibration of your audiometers and the best part is that we leave you...


Table Top Autoclave Maintenance the right way!! Did you know your autoclave is a vital equipment for your practice whether medical or dental. Without it you are unable to sterilize your instruments vital to your patient’s well-being. It kills germs and disinfects as the cycle is completed. At Ventura Medtech Solutions, we go above and beyond performing routine maintenance from just replacement of parts. When we perform our scheduled maintenance, our technicians come equipped with PM kits, distilled water and everything that...

Optimal Performance of Your Investment

You pay top dollars for your lasers. Did you know by following proper maintenance intervals can prolong the life of your equipment. Allow VMS to maintain your equipment as we dust, calibrate, flush, check output power, clean optics which results in optimal performance of your investment.