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“We provide loaners and rental equipment on a per case basis.”

“Authorized service dealer and supplier for Sincoheren and Munera Esthetics”

“Extending the life of your Medical Legacy Devices is what we do best.”

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Medical Equipment Service | Rentals | Parts
Healthcare Groups

Count on us to perform electrical safety, equipment calibrations, database management on all your clinical, laboratory and specialty equipment. Our turn-key services simplify service delivery which prioritizes patient and operator’s safety while staying compliant.

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Life Science

If you are looking for a team that understands precision. VMS is all about meeting stringent calibration standards and tolerances to ensure optimal performance of your devices. From verifying controls, validating speeds, temperature we got you covered.

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Physician Owned

As private practitioners you count on your equipment to effectively treat and diagnose your patients. When equipment goes down it affects your ability to see your patients. As your service team we make sure that during our maintenance visits we identify issues that need to be corrected and act on them as fast as we can.

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Engineers and Certified Technicians

Ventura Medtech Solutions

For over twenty years (VMS) Ventura Medtech Solutions (previously Ventura Biomed Solutions) has been a trusted source in the Healthcare sales & servicing industry.

Serving the entire state of California we provide turn-key solutions for Aesthetic, Healthcare, Educational facilities, Medical Groups, and Independent providers searching for a that provides “Single Source” of provision.

We are a privately-owned company with well-established credentials and experience in all aspects of biomedical, clinical engineering, electronics, and facilities support.

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Specialty Services
  • Laser Maintenance, Service, Parts
  • Infection Control as a service (Consultation)
  • Phaco Emulsifiers (Alcon, B&L, AMO) maintenance agreements
  • Imaging Services (Portables, C-arms, Xray, others)
  • Hand-piece rebuild (replace flow tubes, focusing lens, optics, etc.)
  • Autoclave Maintenance, Repairs, Parts
  • Upholstery repair (spot repair or full reupholster)
Depot Services
  • Equipment restoration & Refurbishment (Repaint, reseal, clean, replace)
  • Equipment moving services (White Glove)
Facilities Support
  • Electrical (C-10 License #966181)
  • Solar

Our Gallery

Ventura Medtech’s certified technicians are experts in performing “Advanced Biomedical Repair” on various types of specialty equipment such as lasers, Phaco emulsifiers, ophthalmic equipment.

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What our clients say about us

I found 35 years of combined experience in management and service of Clinical & Management.


I found 35 years of combined experience in management and service of Clinical & Management.


We are very satisfied with the services provided by VMS. Their Engineer was very thorough and prompt. We highly recommended their services.


We were impressed by the service and compliment their technicians uniform.


Ventura Medtech Solutions provide high quality and precision healthcare technology services customizable for all budget sizes.


VENTURA specialize in complex specialty equipment maintenance and servicing without the OEM price.


The technicians from VMS provided me a great and prompt service. I had an issue with my Phaco & within 24 hours they were able to resolve my issue. A job well done. I highly recommend their services.

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